How Silver Bracelets Made a Fashion Comeback?

Bracelets have always been in vogue, no matter the era and people wearing them. But silver bracelets deserve a special mention, considering the solid fashion comeback they’ve made in recent years. You can now see a silver bracelet on many wrists. But what drove the revival of silver bracelets? Let’s overview some reasons.

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Silver is Considered the New Gold!

Marketing silver as the new gold is something many jewellery makers worldwide are doing. Of course, there are valid reasons for it.

Gold prices have sky-rocketed in recent times. This unprecedented rise in the price has made it very difficult for a commoner to buy gold jewellery.

But silver has stepped in to rescue at the right time and has become the new gold for most millennial jewellery lovers. Silver bracelets are much more cost-effective than gold ones. Besides, they dazzle as much and as proudly as gold. These factors make silver bracelets a much more viable and prudent option than their gold counterparts, especially if cost is a constraint.

Silver Bracelets Go Well with Every Attire

A silver bracelet goes well with most outfits. While you can flaunt it on a western outfit, it gels well with traditional attire as well. So, you don’t have to really think a lot while wearing your accessories. When you have a silver bracelet in your jewellery collection, you can use it, no matter the outfit and the occasion.

Sterling Silver 925!

You must have heard about sterling silver jewellery, especially if you are a silver-jewellery lover and follow the latest trends. It is an excellent addition to the realm of silver jewellery. Sterling silver is a silver alloy comprising 92.5 per cent of pure silver and 7.5 per cent of other metals, often copper. Sterling silver goes well with every outfit, is available in various customizable designs, and looks elegant. Thus, sterling silver forms a fabulous choice if you are looking for a timeless and graceful silver bracelet.

Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery/Bracelets

Did you know wearing a silver bracelet has health benefits as well associated with it? Yes. That’s true. Silver works as a natural external heat regulator for your body. When you wear a silver bracelet, the metal comes into contact with your skin, automatically enhancing heat circulation and regulation throughout the body. According to many, wearing silver relaxes their mind and body.

We hope we’ve answered your question on the comeback of silver bracelets and you now have enough reasons to choose. Whether you are looking to order a silver bracelet online or want to explore multiple options for pure silver bracelets for girls, you have Aksa. Our extensive collection, meticulous designs and quality of silver will leave you amazed. Explore our silver bracelet collection at

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