Silver Jewellery: The New Mantra for Trendsetters

Trends are like waves. They hit the shore, return and so on. The jewellery world isn’t an exception to this law. You will always see some sort of jewellery dethroning the other and transforming into a trend. Lately, you must have seen many flaunting silver pieces of jewellery. So, what’s all the buzz about silver? Is it replacing gold, the prices of which seem to be at an all-time high? But that isn’t the only reason. So, what is it that is making silver the new mantra for trendsetters?

Let’s take a quick look at some reasons for making silver the new gold!

Silver Gels Well with Every Attire!

Unlike gold, which requires you to wear a particular outfit, silver goes well with every attire. So, whether you wear a traditional saree or an elegant, utterly modern one-piece outfit, silver jewellery doesn’t look like a misfit, as gold, in many cases, does with the latter.

Besides, silver looks more graceful. It doesn’t appear flashy, even if you wear a piece or two of jewellery more. Some people think that silver offers a more relaxed look. And that isn’t incorrect either. It is more soothing to the eyes.

It is Reasonably Priced

With so much variety, silver is still cheaper than gold. We wouldn’t know whether the increasing demand for it will ever bring it on par with gold. But let’s leave that to the future. At least for now, silver is many times cheaper than gold and hence more affordable to many who wish to look as stunning as they would while wearing gold!

Durability and Lightweight

Have you heard about sterling silver? If you haven’t already, here’s more to it. Sterling silver 925 is a silver alloy containing 92.5 per cent weight of silver and 7.5 per cent of the weight of other metals, generally copper.

Sterling silver is another hot trend these days among silver jewellery fans. It is greyish and equally shimmering. But that’s not it; sterling silver is more durable yet lighter in weight. The only thing about sterling silver is that it is vulnerable to tarnishing. So, you might have to spend some moments caring for your sterling silver jewellery.

As Lustrous as Gold!

They say all that glitters is not gold. But why should something that glitter be gold? Silver is equally lustrous and shines proudly. The point is, why buy gold when you can look equally gorgeous wearing silver jewellery?

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